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I just luv this quote and i like them a lot

November 18, 2015
An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs..My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earths loveliness.

I think a good day to die hard is amazing

November 18, 2015
When they're not leaping off buildings in slow motion, Willis and Courtney trade the odd snarled insult or grudging endearment, but there isn't a line that lingers.

Does he like me or am i a rebound?!?!?

November 18, 2015
ok so ive know this guy for about 7 years, we hung out in a big group in our early teens and after knowing him about a year or so he kissed me and told me like really liked me, asking me out.

Without thinking, i hugged him

November 17, 2015
Right as I was thinking, "wtf am I doing," he kissed my boob.. Today, I was walking down the strip with a friend when we saw a homeless man with no arm.

All i do is train and watch ufc fights all day

October 31, 2015
Earlier this week, I entered my first professional fight as a mixed martial artist. Its been my dream to become a UFC champion one day. I was out cold in a matter of seconds.

Somehow i cannot believe what occured recently

October 30, 2015
S. It read, Please stop parking in my driveway. Recently, after months of using the empty driveway across the street from my house, a note was placed under my windshield wiper.. P.

Last night, i filed a missing persons report on my boyfriend

October 29, 2015
He was out fishing and then was supposed to meet me for a romantic weekend getaway. I found out, courtesy of a voicemail from the sheriffs department, that hed broken up with me. He never showed up and didnt respond to my texts.

Does he like me ?

October 28, 2015
So I met this guy at a party a few months ago. We got along fine and everything. I already liked him then but we didn't exchange numbers or anything.His (female) best friend talked with us. The guy and I found something we had in common, and the best friend told him something like "you've found your special someone !". That's what got me thinking that he might be interested too.

I did have an unlimited card so i told him sure

October 28, 2015
While taking out my metrocard from my wallet, he grabbed my wallet and ran away as fast as he could.. The other day, I was leaving the train station when a man came up to me and asked me if I have an unlimited metrocard to swipe him in.

My review on this is 40

October 27, 2015
"Hey, remember that annoying couple in that Judd Apatow movie about the loser who got the hot chick pregnant? No? Well, we made a movie about them anyway.".

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